Board of Directors

The Shire Village Camp Board of Directors comprises parents, staff, and other members of the Shire Village Community.

Elizabeth Adamo
Elizabeth Adamo—Registered Nurse for 30 years in NYC. 22 year career at St Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center for 22 years, specializing in med- surg, ER, OR, and Cardiothoracic Surgery. Currently works at Northwell Health Staten Island Operating Room as well as Upper School Nurse at MMFS. Has been camp nurse for July session for 4 years, parent of 3 Shire Village campers.

Heather Burchyns
Heather Burchyns is a parent of a Shire Village camper and an educator. She started as a preschool teacher in Washington D.C. After many years she headed to NYC to attend Bank Street College and taught elementary special education. She held positions as a Lower School Coordinator and Admissions Director in a school for children with learning disabilities. She is currently a director at an early childhood program in lower Manhattan.

Ben Doren
Ben Doren’s experience as counselor at Shire Village for three summers showed the way for a life about children. He started in architecture and design, quickly realizing that he was better at crafting social environments. He has been a teacher of science, math, art and adventure education in public and alternative schools in various parts of the country. Ben is currently a middle school principal in the amazing Berkshires, about an hour from camp. He has two very lucky kids who have gone though Shire since they were young. Ben is jealous of his children.

Bryan Makower
Bryan began his Shire Village experience as a camper in the oldest boys bunk during the first summer of Shire Village in 1972. As a part of the evolution from Johnny Appleseed to Shire with dad, Carl, Bryan grew up with the values of Shire Village. He held positions of kitchen staff, maintenance , bunk counsellor and specialist over the years. His three girls all loved their summers at Shire Village. Bryan currently runs a Medical Practice in Brooklyn and is excited to maintain a strong relationship with Shire Village through his association with Berkshire Village Creative Center and The shire Village Board.

Claire Mcdonnell
Claire first became involved with Shire Village Camp as a staff and board member for three summers in the early 1980s. Following this she returned two decades later as a parent of two campers, as well as a staff and board member again. In addition, she served on the boards of block association and community organizations in her town of Somers, NY. She is a special education teacher for the Bedford Central School District, a union representative to the Bedford Teachers Association, and an active participant in the Bedford Autism Support Group. Her favorite activities are hiking, camping, and kayaking during the summers in Western Mass. Claire is most proud of her children, who after being campers and then staff members at Shire Village, have gone off to create independent lives in which they are following their own passions.

Louis Minsky
Louis first came to Shire Village as a camper in 1999. He returned on staff in 2010 and has worked as a Kitchen Prep, Bunk Counselor, Group Counselor, CW Supervisor, Associate Director, and now Assistant Director. He is currently a teacher at the Packer Collegiate Institute.

Beth Schneider
Beth Schneider began her Shire Village life as a camper with her two brothers. She returned as a staff member and camp director for many years and now acts at the camp registrar and president of the board. She began her teaching career at the Woodward Park School in Brooklyn. She is currently the Associate Head of School at the Mary McDowell Friends School.

Noah Schwartzberg
Noah Schwartzberg was a Shire Village camper and staff member. He began his career in second language teaching, working abroad in Thailand with K-12 students, and with students enrolled in post-secondary and graduate programs in New York City. The second half of his career has been spent as an acquiring editor in education and professional trade subjects. His son is a Shire Village camper.

Jim Signorelli
Jim has been involved with camp since 2006. He watched his two kids grow up at Shire Village and cherishes every moment he spends on the property. When not at Shire village, he is the middle school dean of students at the Mary McDowell Friends School.

Patti Smith
Patti Smith has been on the Shire Village staff for the past twelve summers, originally as Arts & Crafts Specialist, then Specialist Supervisor and Assistant Director. This is her 4th year serving as Director. Both of her children attended camp from the ages of 4 and 6 through their CW years. Patti teaches Visual Art at Poly Prep Lower School in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Maggie Uschakow
Maggie Uschakow started at Shire Village in August of 2001. At the end of the session, on departure day the first thing she said to her mom was, “Next year i’m coming for 7 weeks.” Since that day she was a camper for four summers, kitchen staff for one summer, CW Supervisor for five summers and Assistant Director for four summers. While not at Shire Village, Maggie teaches PreSchool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

John Wiltshire
John held several staff positions at Shire Village starting in 1977 that have included, Counselor, Group Counselor, Camp Manager and Photography Specialist. John has served on the board since 1978 with a lapse of just a few years. He has also served on the board of Camphill Village and is currently Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Five Points Runners Track Club, Inc. John holds an MA and a BA from Long Island University with Post Graduate Studies at New York
University, New York.


Carl Makower (1935-2018)
Carl was a founder and the first director of Shire Village Camp. A former NYC high school educator and counselor, he was a long time antiwar activist, and he had been involved with various Teacher Union groups. Among Carl’s interests were photography, art, literature, tennis, and antique cars. Carl’s children and grandchildren attended SVC. One of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of his long involvement with the camp was seeing campers grow to positions of staff responsibility and leadership within the camp and in the outside community.

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